www.prefunds.aa.com/refunds – Submit Refund Request Online

Prefunds AA Refunds

  • Travelers can request a refund for an American Airlines paper ticket by using the AA Refunds web site
  • Refund requests for a paper ticket from American Airlines do have to be submitted individually for each ticket
  • Customers can also check the status of a paper ticket refund request by logging on and entering their document number

To start the process of getting an American Airlines paper ticket


, customers just need to enter the document number and passenger last name on the AA refunds web site. Once entered, the web site will look up refund eligibility and what options are available. Actually mailing a form in is required to get an American Airlines paper ticket refunded, but this web site lets customers know what can happen before mailing documents in.

For a paper ticket refund with American Airlines, travelers have to cancel the reservation in question (find the “My Reservations” section on the American Airlines web site to do this).

What is a paper American Airlines ticket?

A paper ticket from American Airlines is used when the flight coupons are purchased instead of an e-ticket (meaning the actual pieces of paper that have flight information and are called flight coupons). Paper tickets from American Airlines are generally used when someone purchases a ticket in person for someone else departing from another city. American Airlines paper tickets are  useful if a flight is canceled due to  a mechanical or airline related problem.

To contact American Airlines about a paper ticket refund request

  • American Airlines Attn: Paper Ticket Passenger Refunds, 4000 East Sky Harbor Boulevard, Phoenix, Arizona, 85034

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www.payarb.com – Access Arcadia Recovery Bureau Payment


  • The Pay Arb site is an online portal that lets customers easily make a payment to an account owned by Arcadia Recovery Bureau Payment
  • Pay Arb is considered a debt collector, so any communication that customers make on this web site is an attempt to collect a past due debt
  • Debt payments made on a past due debt handled by Arcadia are only accepted online via Visa, MasterCard, of American Express cards

To make a

payment online

, customers will need to have their Arcadia Recovery account number (which must start with either an “01” or an “08”). Without the proper Arcadia account number, a payment may not be applied to the right customer, so ARB recommends not making a payment at all until the customer knows the account number for sure. If an ARB customer doesn’t have their account number, they can call an Arcadia representative to get that information. Information about Arcadia debt account numbers can’t be looked up online due to federal debt collection and financial privacy laws.

Pay ARB Comments

  • Attempting to pay without the right ARB account number could result in a delay in the payment being applied, which could easily mean late charges are added to the account
  • Making a payment should take less than 2 minutes
  • Any major credit card is accepted (Visa, MasterCard, AMEX)

How long does it take for payment to be applied to an Arcadia Debt account?

  • In some instances, Arcadia will agree to settle a debt for less than the owed amount

To contact Arcadia Recovery Bureau

  • Arcadia Recovery Bureau, P.O. Box 6768, Wyomissing, PA 19610-0786
  • (800) 364-0735

When payments to Arcadia are made online, they will be applied to that account by the end of the business day, but calls or other communications about that debt may continue for up to 48 hours while systems update.

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www.claimit.ca.gov – Claim Unclaimed Property In California

Claim It CA

  • California Residents can log on to ClaimIt CA to see if they have any

    unclaimed property

    like old insurance checks, utility deposits, or other missing money
  • Residents can only


    unclaimed funds in California if there is only one owner listed for the property and the property value is less than $5,000
  • The unclaimed property law in California is designed to stop companies from using unclaimed customer’s money for business income

Right now, the State of California has over $8 billion in unclaimed property that belongs to around 32 million people and organizations. Residents can search through California unclaimed money to see if they have anything missing, and file a claim easily online if they find their name. The Unclaimed Property Page for the state of California is run by the California Controller’s Office.  The most common unclaimed funds are bank accounts, royalty payments, trust funds, escrow accounts, safe deposit boxes, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposit, insurance policies (that have either matured or been terminated), estates, and mineral interests.

Claim It CA Comments

  • Only open to residents living in the state of California
  • There is no time limit on when California unclaimed property can be claimed, and no expiration date on the funds that are available using the Claim It CA service
  • Residents can also use California’s unclaimed property site to check the status of a claim they’ve filed

Where does unclaimed property come from in California?

  • In some cases of unclaimed property in California, the owner dies and heirs have no knowledge about the property

To contact the California Controller’s Office about unclaimed property:

  • P.O. Box 942850, Sacramento, California 94250-5872,
  • (916) 323-8314

California has an Unclaimed Property Law which requires businesses, financial institutions, and insurance companies to compile annually reports about funds they have that haven’t had any contact for three years. In most cases, the owner simply forgot about the account or moved without leaving a forwarding address.

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www.loaddebitcard.com – Load Bitcoin Debit Card Online

Loaded Debit Card

  • With the Loaded 

    Debit Card

     service customers can load money to a Ripple Debit Card, Bitcoin Debit Card, Litecoin Debit Card, Dash Debit Card, Ethereum Debit Card, or Dogecoin Debit Card
  • Existing cryptocurrency debit cards can be loaded from anywhere in the world no matter where it was purchased from
  • There is a $10 minimum load and a $5,000 maximum debit card load with Load Debit Card.com

While the Load Debit Card site focuses on crytocurrency debit cards, the site can load money to just about any Visa or Mastercard debit card in the world (including cards like the WalMart reloadable debit card). Transfers to a debit card with Load Debit Card usually post within 24 to 48 hours, not counting weekends and holidays. Transfers from one country to another are up to nine times as fast when customers use Load Debit Card.

LoadedDebitCard.com Comments

  • In many cases, card providers will issue their own

    transfer limits

    that are different from the limit ($10 and $5,000) that Load Debit Card.com imposes
  • If a transfer from Load Debit Card is rejected by the debit card company, any fees that were associated with the transaction will be refunded

Standard and merchant accounts are available, with merchant accounts paying a $29.95 monthly fee, but getting to load an unlimited number of debit cards each month, while a standard account only lets the customer do one card (but with an unlimited number of transactions to that card).

What cards can’t be loaded with Load Debit Card.com?

The only cards that cannot be loaded with Load Debit Card are single use cards (the card must be reloadable or reusable), Mastercard logo cards on the Maestro Network, or a new debit card with no transactions. Cards can be loaded with either USA or European currencies.

To contact a representative of the Load Debit Card web site:

  • Call +1 (641) 715-3900 Extension: 277755#

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www.pnc.com/homehq – PNC Home HQ Online Services


  • The PNC Home HQ web site is designed for customers to handle everything related to a home purchase through a PNC Home Loan or a refinance loan through PNC
  • With PNC Home HQ, mortgage applicants can upload documents required to complete their PNC

    home loan

    application from any desktop computer, laptop computer, mobile device, iPad or Apple tablet
  • Home HQ from PNC Bank also lets customers make a payment on their PNC mortgage, see the total remaining balance on their home loan, and request help if they’re having trouble paying a PNC mortgage

PNC’s Home Insight Tracker gives applicants the status of their mortgage application in real-time, so customers always know where they stand in the process. One of the most popular features of


Home HQ is the ability to sign up for e-mail or text alerts when a home loan application reaches certain milestone points.

PNC Home HQ Comments

  • For customers looking to refinance their home loan with PNC to get a lower payment, the PNC Home HQ has tools and resources to compare two loans to see which one is really the best deal
  • A refinance checklist to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, and a home lending calculator to find out how much a mortgage with PNC really will cost

More about PNC Bank

PNC Bank acquired their mortgage division through a merger with National City Bank. PNC had originally sold their mortgage division to Washington Mutual in 2001 due to the housing market being unstable and the fact that it was high at the time.

  • National City Mortgage was well-known for their trouble with subprime mortgages, but PNC has said they have no plans to deal with subprime mortgages

To contact the PNC Home Lending Center:

  • 1-877-508-3339
  • 300 Fifth Avenue, The Tower at PNC Plaza, Pittsburgh, PA, 15222

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