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StarTex Pay Bill

  • The StarTex Power Pay Bill service lets customers who get their electricity through StarTex pay their bill online with any credit or debit card
  • StarTex My Account lets customers view their current bill, see past month’s usage, sign up for StarTex paperless billing or auto pay, and a number of other account management options
  • Simple bill pay process but registration is required

A StarTex customer who signs up for

paperless billing

should receive an e-mail notification of their sign up within 24 to 48 hours of completing the process. To register for StarTex account online, customers will need to have a valid e-mail address, know their account number (that appears on every StarTex statement) and have their ZIP code ready to enter. Businesses or landowners who have multiple addresses they pay the StarTex power bill for can set up all of their addresses under one account, making management of multiple sites easier than ever before. If StarTex customers are signed up for e-billing, but do not receive a monthly e-mail with their account summary, it’s still their obligation to pay the bill on the due date, and they will still be held responsible for any

late fees

they incur. StarTex has a friend referral program where a customer who gets a friend to sign up with StarTex Power will receive $50 free, up to $575 every single year. Please note payments made online with StarTex will post to the customer’s account within minutes of being made (depending on what method of payment was used).

How to Sign Up For StarTex Auto Pay

The easiest way to pay a StarTex bill online is to enroll in StarTex Auto Pay, meaning the bill is automatically drafted from the customer’s account each month on the due date (the customer never has to worry about paying their StarTex bill late again this way).

To contact StarTex

  • 1.866.917.8271

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www.yearbookordercenter.com – Order Yearbooks Online Center

Yearbook Order Center

  • By using the Yearbook Order Center service, students who are enrolled in eligible high schools or elementary schools can purchase their annual yearbook online instead of waiting to order in person
  • Students who have already ordered their yearbook through Yearbook Order Center can use this service to check the status of their order, which will ship depending on what cycle the school chose
  • Yearbook Order Center is a product of Herff Jones, which is one of the largest yearbook providers in the United States today

To order a yearbook through Yearbook


Center, students will need to have their school’s order number or will need to enter their school’s name. Each school sets their own unique deadline for ordering yearbooks, and there’s no guarantee that any books will be available after that deadline. The price of each school’s Herff Jones yearbooks is determined by how many pages there are, materials used, quality of the pages, and how long they are. Refunds for a Herff Jones yearbook bought through Yearbook Order Center may be processed online up until two weeks to the deadline. No refunds can be given on a Herff Jones yearbook that’s already been received unless their is a printing issue that’s the fault of Herff Jones.

What happens to old Herff Jones yearbooks and how are they shipped?

Any yearbook printed by Herff Jones that are not ordered are sent to the school each year, so customers who want to purchase a previous Herff Jones yearbook will need to contact their school. Herff Jones yearbooks are generally sent straight to the schools, and home delivery is only handled by the school.

  • The schools are responsible for actually getting yearbooks in the hands of the students each year, not Herff Jones, who just ships yearbooks straight to the school in a large batch

To contact Yearbook Order Center

  • Call 866-287-3096
  • E-mail yearbookordercenter@herffjones.com.

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www.mbnanetaccess.com – Access MBNA Finance Account Online

MBNA Net Access

  • The MBNA Net Access service is for customers who have a credit card with MBNA to access their account information conveniently online
  • By logging on to an MBNA UK account, cardholders can see their current

    credit card

    balance, make a payment, report a fraudulent MBNA charge, or a number of other account management activities
  • MBNA has been

    issuing credit cards

    in the UK for over 20 years, and any customer who has a MBNA credit card can access the UK MBNA service

MBNA offers a few tools to help customers remember what their MBNA password will be (like 8 to 20 letters, numbers and or dashes, but no spaces or symbols like &/@£. A payment made with the UK MBNA site will be applied to the customer’s account by the end of the business day, so if a payment is made over a weekend or on a holiday, it may be up to 72 hours before that payment will be reflected on the customer’s account. It is possible to make a rush payment for a MBNA UK account that will be applied within 24 hours regardless of payment date for a fee of £15.

MBNA Net Access Notes

  • Easy to use
  • Requires registration
  • Email address required upon registration

More about MBNA UK

MBNA was founded in 1982. In the UK specifically, MBNA has come under controversy for their interpretation of legal rules that make credit card providers allocate payments to the  customer’s debt with the highest interest rate first. In Ireland, MBNA saw more controversy when they were accused of calling consumers who were behind in making their credit card payments up to eight times a day, which prompted the country’s state debt advisory service to publicly issue a statement that harassment over debt from credit card companies is outlawed.

To contact MBNA UK

  • MBNA Limited, P.O. Box 1441, Chester Business Park, Chester CH4 9ZE

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www.consumerreports.org/crarpay – Pay Consumer Reports Online

Consumer Reports CRARPAY

  • To make a payment towards Consumer Reports magazine, customers will need to have their account number (which can be found on their magazine label)
  • A Consumer Reports

    payment made

    online will be applied to the customer’s account by the end of the business day that payment is made
  • Payment for Consumer Reports can be made with and Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card online (but no digital checks are accepted for


    of CR magazine)

Customers who have a subscription to Consumer Reports print magazine can logon to make a payment and keep their subscription going. To find the right account, customers will enter their Consumer Reports account number from the magazine label, plus their last name and the security code that appears on the Consumer Reports payment website. Also with the Consumer Reports payment web site, customers can change the address on their Consumer Reports account, see how many Consumer Reports magazines are left on their subscription, and pause their magazine subscription if they’re going on vacation.

Consumer Reports CRARPAY

  • PalPay is NOT a valid form of payment
  • The service is easy and best of all FREE to use

More about Consumer Reports

Consumer Reports magazine first published in 1936, and still has an annual circulation of over 7 million people today (the numbers are pretty evenly divided with about 3.5 million taking print Consumer Reports and about 3.5 million people subscribing to Consumer Reports digitally). Consumer Reports goes to a very high level to prove their impartiality, even once canceling the bulk subscription of a large car dealership.

Consumer Reports even goes so far as to prohibit companies from using a positive CR review as advertising.

  • Consumer Reports magazine is famous for having no advertising, and for not allowing companies to pay to have a product tested in their magazine (although the Consumer Reports web site does have advertising from outside companies)

To contact Consumer Reports about paying for a print magazine sub

  • Call 1-800-333-0663
  • 101 Truman Ave, Yonkers, NY 10703

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www.pay.veranda.com – Veranda Magazine Online Customer Service

Pay Veranda

  • Customers who have subscribed to Veranda magazine can sign on and pay their Veranda bill and manage their subscription (like changing the address for Veranda magazine)
  • To

    pay a bill

    for Veranda magazine, customers will need to log in with the account number that appears on their


    or their magazine label or login with their email address and ZIP code
  • Along with Veranda, customers who log on to this portal can pay for a subscription to any Hearst magazine they’re signed up for

The Pay Veranda page lets customers check the status of their Veranda magazine subscription to see how many magazines they’ll be receiving, renew their Veranda magazine, or temporarily stop delivery of Veranda if they’re going out of town. Customers can also cancel Veranda magazine from this link (if they accidentally signed up for Veranda, they won’t be charged for the magazines they received).

Pay Veranda Comments

  • There’s also the option to switch a Veranda magazine subscription from print to an e-edition that can be read on the iPad, Kindle, Nook, Nexus, or Zinio tablet devices
  • If a subscriber has missed an issue of Veranda, they can report it through this site to have their missing issue redelivered (or just have their subscription extended by one magazine)

More about Veranda magazine

  • Veranda is a part of the Hearst magazine family, and has their headquarters in New York City

To contact a representative of Hearst magazine

  • 300 W. 57th Street. New York, NY 10019
  • (212) 649-2000

Veranda magazine was founded in 1987, and has a circulation of just under 500,000. Clinton Smith is the current editor, with Dara Caponigro being the only other editor the magazine has ever had. The magazine is published every other month, and focuses on home and garden, porch design, interior design, and home decor, with a focus on Southern living.

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