www.ufix.att.com/restore – Troubleshoot & Resolve Personalized Service

UFix AT&T Restore

  • The AT&T UFix Restore web site lets customers who have U-Verse Internet service restore their router to factory settings to attempt to troubleshoot U-Verse Internet trouble
  • When Uverse customers visit the UFix page, any potential Internet problems will automatically be diagnosed
  • Once a Uverse gateway restore is initiated, customers may need to wait up to 10 minutes for the residential gateway to completely power down and power up again before any restoration is attempted

Instead of making ATT Uverse customers call support for issues with an Internet connection, AT&T has introduced a web based support system that can detect and fix some of the most common Internet problems without having to involve a human support tech. If there are no current Uverse issues, customers will see a green check box with the words “No Issues Were Found.” If the AT&T Diagnostic page does detect any problems, a summary of what’s wrong and how it can be fixed will be shows.

UFix AT&T Restore Comments

  • AT&T always automatically backs up Internet settings (like Wi-Fi network name and password) from their personal residential gateway to make for quick and easy restoration later on.
  • When Uverse users restore their gateway and transferring AT&T Wi-Fi settings, any connected laptops (also tablets, cell phones and other connected devices) will work like normal with no further changes needed
  • Once on the UFix


    restoration page, customers can click “View Available Backup” to see what information will actually be restored or click “Restore Now” to actually go ahead and transfer those settings

More about AT&T Uverse Internet

AT&T began their Uverse Internet service in 2006, and today offers U-Verse Internet service in 21 different states. Today, Uverse is available in over 3 billion households. In additional to high speed Internet, Uverse also offers television and phone services.

  • In some locations, ATT Uverse now offers GigaPower 1 Gigabyte Internet

To contact AT&T Uverse Customer Support

  • 800.288.2020

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www.pokefarmer.com – Get 1 Month Full Access To Pokefarmer


  • Allows

    Pokemon Go players

    to farm Pokemon, visit Pokestops, farm popular items, and breed eggs
  • Please note this is NOT a free service and is not created by game developers Niantic
  • Pokefarmer has more than 260,000 users and a community of more than 2,000,000 helpful posts and tips

Pokefarmer works with Windows Vista – Windows 10 and is super simple to set up.

OK this Pokefarmer sounds like the real deal but how much does it cost? (there are currently 4 different type of subscription plans)

  1. 1 month session: best for new players who might not stick with the

    Pokemon Go game

  2. 3 months session: ideal for players who will stick around for a while but will eventually burn themselves out
  3. 1 year session: this plan is best for those who play everyday and love the game with a passion
  4. Legendary Buddy: Only hard-core Pokemon Go players should pay for this package as it cost around 200 bucks

Some of the more rare Pokemon Go creatures that Pokefarmer will help the gamer catch include: Ditto, Slowbro, Snorlax, Mr. Mimi (this guy is extremely difficult to find), and Kabutops.

Please note the Legandary Buddy plan comes with 2 Sessions, 1 Year, All available Buddybots, All available Tyrants, All upcoming Buddybots, access to the Legendary Forum Usergroup and access to the Legendary Forum & Avatar.  Any questions in regards to Pokefarmer can be directed to support@thebuddyforum.com (for specific questions in relation to the Legandary Buddy plan please be sure to label the subject with “Legendary Buddy”).  The creators of Pokefarmer are based in Germany and can be reached by phone at 49 375 390 99 885 or Fax: +49 32121 377001.  The Pokefarmer head office is based at Bossland GmbH Leipziger Str. 72 08056 Zwickau DE – Germany.

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www.pokeadvisor.com – Access PokeAdvisor Online


  • Access Pokemon Go Trainer Profiles, IV Stats, Moves, and leaderboards
  • Niantic has NOT blocked PokeAdvisor as of today (this is subject to change)
  • Primarily used as a high-end stat-tracking service for the popular Pokemon Go game
  • A must download for fans of Pokemon Go

What exactly does PokeAdvisor allow a player to do?

  • View a full Pokedex
  • View statistics about any given trainer
  • Check out cool and informative community leaderboards
  • View the exact IV for all of the players Pokemon automatically

Users of PokeAdvisor can also view details such as how many pokemon they had captured and how many pokestops they had visited (most of these stats are used to make their friends jealous of how great of Pokemon player they are).

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www.getfrenzy.com – Frenty App Make Lightning-Fast Plans

Get Frenzy

  • Download the new Get Frenzy App online via Google Play or the Apple Store
  • Frenzy is billed as the best way to see which friends are available to make plans with now
  • Provides a unique group chat system that allows an even to be planned in seconds with everyone’s approval

The Get Frenzy app allows a user to come up with an idea for an event (i.e. soccer game), set how many people are needed to make the event happen, and how long the users have to reply.  If the event goes unfulfilled it will disappear (similar to “Snapchat for events”).  Please note that people do not have to have the Frenzy app in order to receive a group event invite as they will receive a text message that lets them know everything that people with the app know.

Get Frenzy Comments

  • An ideal way to plan a spur of the moment event
  • Extremely popular with teens
  • Get Frenzy is designed around proposing lots of things to do, quickly picking who to invite, and getting a response in record time (no sitting around for hours waiting for people to respond to a bothersome text message)
  • The main user sending out the event invitation can use the Peeps Picker to allow other people to invite their friends (this option can also be turned off so only the primary event planner can make invites)
  • To mute or unmute outside the app (SMS) simply reply “#MUTE” or “#UNMUTE” to the phone number who sent an invitation from

Any questions in regards to the Get Frenzy app can be directed to support@getfrenzy.com or text Frenzy at 650-263-8486.  Any


(both good or bad) can be emailed to team@getfrenzy.com (Frenzy request that all feedback be sent even if it is bad as it will help them improve the service).

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www.prepayrefill.com – Select Carrier To Get Instant Refill Online

Prepay Refill

  • With the Prepay Refill service, customers can automatically refill their prepaid phones from a number of carriers like AirVoice, H20, Net 10,  Tracfone, Pay Plus, and others
  • Customers who use Prepay Refill have their credit cards charged three days before their renewal date to ensure that the minutes are added on time
  • Prepay Refill offers a rewards points program where frequent customers earn points for every purchase they make, and eventually earn enough points for site discounts

For customers who have prepaid cell phone plans, the Prepay Refill site is the most convenient way to add more time to their cell phone plan each month through automatic payments. With most prepaid cell phone plans, the renewal is due on the same day each month, and the phone is automatically cut off if payment isn’t made. Most people just have too much going on to remember to make a payment each month, so Prepay Refill makes those payments automatically. Services ordered through Prepay Refill are credited to the customer’s

cell phone account

within 48 hours of purchase.

More to Know About Prepay Refill’s Affiliate Rewards Program

  • If a customer earns 1,000 points in a month, their total is automatically doubled, and if a customer earns 5,000 rewards points in a single month, their Prepay Refill Rewards are automatically tripled
  • To contact Prepay Refill 


Prepay Refill even offers a great referral program where when a customer refers someone else to Prepaid Refill, and the new customer makes a purchase, the person who referred gets rewards points that can be used for discounts on Prepaid Refill services.

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