www.sprint.com/verify discount – Verify Sprint Discount Program Online

Sprint Verify Discount

  • Check to see if any given company, university or organization participates in the popular Sprint Discount Program
  • Offers a chat option which is based on agent availability
  • Please note this is for companies, colleges, and organizations only not for individual discount offers

The Sprint Verify Discount program will allow certain companies, colleges, and organizations to receive a percent of their monthly bill (i.e. employees of the Department of Veterans Affairs should receive a 10% discount when opening a new account).  Please note not all companies are eligible for this program and employees who are not eligible can speak with their human resource department to reverse that.

Sprint Verify Comments

  • The Sprint Discount Program can help eligible customers get special savings on their plan
  • A must check for anyone thinking about a new wireless plan
  • Checking eligibility is free
  • Customers can also use the service to check the status of a current discount request
  • Please allow up to 3 days to verify the discount (although most of the time it will take 24 hours or less)

When verifying eligibility the customer will have to provide their work email address and then complete the online form and upload the proof document.  Once Sprint received the email they will send another email back to the customer for verification.  The 

Sprint Discount

Program Request Form with the customers proof document can easily be faxed to 913-523-198.

What type of items may be considered proof of ID under the Sprint Verify terms?

  • Current employee identification badge
  • Military members can provide their DD 214 or W2 with orders
  • Unexpired credit union credit/debit card
  • Current statement of account issued within the last 90 days
  • An employer pay stub from the last 3 months

Any questions about the Sprint Verify program for companies, colleges, and organizations can be directed to 1-866-639-8354 or the customer can visit their local Sprint store location.

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www.wendys.csod.com Client Wendys – WeLearn 2.0 Online Service

Wendy’s CSOD 

  • A training portal for Wendy’s employees
  • Powered by Cornerstone OnDemand
  • Employees will need a username and password in order to gain access

The Wendy’s

CSOD service

is online training/learning tool designed for new and current Wendy’s employees.  The program is designed to teach new employees the ropes while current employees use the program for refresher training.  The Wendy’s CSOD program is free to use and employees are encouraged to log on once a month a take the new training course (some Wendy’s managers require employees take the online training in order to receive a pay pump).


  • Ohio based fast food burger chain
  • Founded by the quirky Dave Thomas
  • Has around 6500 locations world-wide

Wendy’s was founded a few days before Thanksgiving on July 15, 1969 by Mr. Dave Thomas who specialized in dishing out hot square hamburgers and thick malt shakes.  Today the firm is a Subsidiary of Wendy’s International and is based at 1 Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio, United States.  It is estimated that Wendy’s employs right around 21,000 people world-wide and they have a net income of 160 million US Dollars.

What are some of the better menu items when checking out a Wendy’s?

  • Dave’s Hot ‘n Juicy 1/4 Lb. Single (one of their signature burgers… features a quarter-pound of 100% real north american beef on a toasted buttered bun… whats not to like here?)
  • Baja Salad (perfect for the customer who is on a diet as it has greens, guacamole, and farm fresh pico de gallo)
  • Bacon Deluxe Double (two juicy hamburger patties + three strips of applewood smoked bacon + cheese… yes please)
  • Baconator Double (just order it)
  • Spicy Chicken Sandwich (for those who are looking to avoid red meat)
  • Spicy Chicken Go Wrap (people from San Fransisco will like this)

Any issues or questions in regards to the Wendy’s CSOD service can be directed to storewendyshelpdesk@wendys.com.

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www.mipayslips.com – Check Mitie Online Payslips

MI Pay Slips

  • The Mi Pay Slips web site lets employees of the Mitie company log on to see their paychecks and tax information
  • Pay slips on the Mitie Mi Pay web site are updated each day, and new


    slips are visible on the day they’re paid out to employees
  • Employees of Mitie can also find their tax information, plus their personal employee information like employee number and hiring date on the Mi Pay site

Mi Pay Slips contains confidential personal information on their web site, and anyone logging on agrees to comply with local and federal laws. Access to Mi Pay Slips is limited to employees of the Mitie company, and access by anyone outside of this company is considered in violation of the law. To log on to the Mitie pay slips system, workers will need to log in with their employee number, their e-mail address, and set up a new password for their Mitie employee account.

Any employee of Mitie that has questions or problems with using  the MiPayslips web site (or one that needs an activation code) are asked to contact the Mitie on-line payslips team at OnlinePayslipQuery@mitie.com.

More about the Mitie company

  • Mitie has over 30 years of experience and is one of only 2  companies on the FTSE 250 to grow their earnings per share each year for over 29 consecutive years

To contact Mitie about a payslip

  • 1 Harlequin Office Park, Fieldfare, Emersons Green, Bristol, BS16 7FN
  • +44 (0)117 970 8800

Mitie specializes in strategic outsourcing and energy services. Most commonly, they help companies with facilities management solutions, lower occupancy costs and energy performance guarantees. In short, anything a company needs to run more efficiently, Mitie works to help make this happen.

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www.myhr.kellogg.com – Login Kellogg’s Human Resources Online

MyHR Kellogg

  • The myHR: Kellogg’s Human Resources page is an online portal for active American employees of Kellogg’s to manage human resources services
  • To login to Kellogg’s HR online, employees will need to login with their username (example uskxyz01) and password
  • Access to the My HR Kellogg’s web site is limited to only former


    , current employees, and retirees of Kellogg’s and any unauthorized use may be punishable by law

Employees who work for the Kellogg’s corporation in the USA can use the Kellogg’s MyHR web site to access their personal benefits information, request time off, view their recent Kellogg’s paychecks, print tax forms, and other HR needs.

Information on


Kellogg is considered to be as updated as possible, and would be the same information that any Kellogg’s manager or HR representative would have access to, so employees are recommended to check the My HR portal first if they have any questions about their employment.

More about Kellogg’s

Kellogg Company employs just over 30,000 people around the world. During the Great Depression, the Kellogg Company was famous for initiating 30 hour work weeks (instead of the 40 hour week that is still standard today) so that an additional shift of workers could be employed, meaning more people could be working in the depression era. The Kellogg’s 30 hour work week continued until well past World War II.

  • Today Kellogg’s products are made in 18 different countries all over the world and are marketed in more than 180 of the world’s countries
  • The largest Kellogg’s factory is located at Trafford Park in the United Kingdom (also where the Kellogg’s European headquarters can be found)

To contact Kellogg’s HR about an online account:

  • 1-800-243-7643
  • service@kellogg.com

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www.mypks.com – Six Flags My PKS Services


  • The MyPks web site is designed for employees who work at a Six Flag owned theme park to manage their HR related tasks like requesting time off, viewing old Six Flags paychecks, finding insurance benefit information and more
  • Any information found on the MyPks web site is considered confidential and for Six Flags employees only (meaning unauthorized access may be punishable by law)
  • If a Six Flags employee has forgotten their login information for MyPks, they will need to have a HR representative reset their password

To log in to MyPks, Six Flags employees just need to enter their employee badge ID number and their date of birth. Information found on MyPks should be considered to be as updated as possible, and would be the same information that any Six Flags manager would have access to. Employees can also find Six Flags W2 forms when tax season rolls around, and can print these as soon as March 1 of each year.  Please contact the Six Flags Entertainment Corporation for all questions regarding the MyPKS program service.

More about Six Flags Parks

Six Flags opened in August of 1961 with a theme park in Arlington, Texas. Today, Six Flags has 18 parks across the United States, and serves nearly 30 million guests each year. Six Flags is famous for their commercials that feature unofficial mascot “Mr. Six,” and old man dressed in a tuxedo.  The newest Six Flags theme park is “Six Flags Fiesta Texas,” which opened in 1992 in San Antonio, Texas.

  • The current Six Flags headquarters are in Grand Prairie, Texas
  • The name Six Flags refers to the six flags that have ruled or flown over Texas: France, Spain, the Republic of Texas, Mexico, the United States, and the Confederate States of America

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