www.instapokego.com – Collect Rare Pokemon From Around The World

Insta Poke Go

  • The best Pokemon Go bot around
  • layers wanting to try Instapokego should create a new Pokemon Go account and NOT use their main account
  • Use with caution as Niantic Labs are kicking players out of the game for using similar bots (violators may receive a lifetime ban!)

The Insta Poke Go bot can be used by anyone living in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.  The bot essentially helps players obtain Pokemon that are not around them (i.e. someone in Chicago could catch a Pokemon in Sydney Australia).  The bot comes from a group of current and former Dropbox engineers and allows players to pretty much collect Pokemon from all over the world from the comfort of their couch.

Venturebeat states “New Pokémon Go bot ‘automates the entire game’” in reference to Insta Poke Go.

Instapokego.com Comments

  • Requires the player to provide the login information (please note their password will NOT be stored)
  • Players will find a queue at popular play times
  • Created by geeky engineers to include Steven Bartel (think of these bots as an army of scouting bots to help find rare Pokemons)
  • Be prepared to release Pokemons when using this bot as Pokemons will build up quick
  • This bot will also collect items at a rapid pace so be sure to clean out the items closet from time to time
  • Instapokego will automatically toss away items like balls, potions, and berries
  • Some users are reporting a soft ban which only kicks them of the

    Pokemon game

    servers for a temp period
  • Instapokego does NOT allow players to take over “gyms”

Other popular bots for the Pokemon Go game include PokemonGo bot, Ozlo’s Pokemon Go bot, and Dronemon but PLEASE be advised players may receive a lifetime ban for using these bots as well (use at the players own risk).

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www.pokecrew.com – Locate Pokemon Go Creatures With The Crew

Poke Crew

  • One of the better Poke Maps around
  • Designed for high-end players who love Pokemon Go
  • Like all of the Pokemon Go trackers Poke Crew will require the gamer to disclose their location

Is Poke Crew worth a download?  Yes!  It is much better than most of the trackers out there and will help players find rare Pokemon like the Zubat, Goldeen, Weedle, Pidgey, and the allusive Squirtle.

What makes Poke Crew so much better than the other trackers like Pokemesh or Pokemon Radar? It isn’t that different.. in fact it’s about equal to both of those as far as finding Pokemon.

Will Niantic Labs eventually shut down Poke Crew like they did Pokevision?  MAYBE… it is become harder for Niantic (the big evil giant) to shut down these trackers because so many are popping up.

Are Poke Crew allowed to add Poke sightings? Yep! at anytime the game can help fellow players by adding a Pokemon location.

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www.pokemapgo.org – Find Pokemon GO Map

Poke Map Go

  • Another run of the mill Pokemon Go map which will help players obtain more Pokemon
  • Free to use and requires the player to disclose their location
  • Over 150,000 trained players online

The Poke Map Go service attempts to lists all Pokemons worldwide (this is a tough challenge as there are so many) so that Pokemon Go fan boys can find and build their dream team… players can also assist fellow community members by adding findings.  The

Poke Map

Go service is a pretty decent map but not as good as in the in-game


provided by Niantic Labs.  The Poke Map Go is available for use on both the ‎iPhone and Android devices.

One of the main goals from the creators of Poke Map Go is to to create a thriving community website where trainers can exchange tricks, findings in order to improve themselves.

Poke Map Go Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Download will take less than 1 minute
  • The player will not have to pay for using the service
  • Lots of Pokemon come up in popular cities (i.e. Paris, New York, Milan)

Poke Map Go Cons

  • Cities with a smaller popular may not have that many Pokemon map locations
  • Not as good as the in-game app
  • Is known for short but bothersome outages

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www.fastpokemap.se – Track Pokemon Online Map and Scanner

Fast Poke Map

  • Track those cute Pokemon online
  • This app provides a map of the players current location and the Pokemon that are around them
  • Free to use (but they do accept donations with any major credit card… Visa, American Express, Discover)

Fast Poke Map is one of the top rated trackers for the new

Pokemon Go

game that was released in July and has taken the world by storm.  Please note in order to view Pokemon in the players given area they will have to allow the tracker to access their current location via GPS.  Those who do not allow Fast Poke Map to access their GPS will not be able to use this FREE service.

FastPoke Map is a great alternative for those near a PC.

The only problem with these third-party tracker service (i.e. Fast Poke Map,


) is that Niantic hates them (and that’s a big problem since they make the game).  Niantic despises these tracker services because these third-party apps pinging its servers and wasting its precious bandwidth.  So as one might expect Niantic does everything in their power to shut these suckers down (but the more they shut down the more pop up).  Only time will tell who will win the battle over Pokemon tracker services.

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www.pokemastercoins.com – Generate Free Pokemon Go Coins?

Poke Master Coins

  • Free to use and Pokecoins will be generated within minutes of requesting (or so were told)
  • Works with both the iOS & Android devices
  • The creators of the service managed to somehow reverse engineer the Pokemon Go private api

The Poke Master Coins program enforces customers to only redeem coins every 24 hours in order to prevent the servers from shutting down and make it fair for all gamers.  Pokecoins range from 100 to 14,500 and gamers must provide a username in order to claim the coins.

Pokemastercoins.com Comments

  • A must download for all Pokemon Go fan boys
  • In order to prevent robo entires gamers will be asked to complete a short promotional offer (i.e. survey) in order to unlock Poke Master Coins
  • A contact form or phone number could not be found for the service

What people are saying about Pokemastercoins.com?

  • “Wow i cant believe this really worked, I was hanging out at a Pokestop and someone told me about this site… it really works.” – Evie Cartwright, New York City The Bronx
  • “Had to download a free app but after I downloaded and ran it the coins came to my account about 15 minutes later.” – Luca Lloyd, location unknown.

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