www.mypokecard.com – Design and Print a Pokemon Card Online

My Poke Card

  • Design a custom Pokemon card with My Pokecard – photo, evolution, stats, and more all up to your choice
  • Popular with parents who want to put their child on a

    Pokemon card

  • The My Poke Card service is available in a variety of languages

The My Pokecard service lets customers design and print their very own


card, complete with custom stats and photo that look just like a real Pokemon card. Customers will have the chance to choose their Pokemon creature’s name, their number of hit points, their custom attacks, weakness, resistance and retreat cost. Every single statistic that is on a normal Pokemon card can be customized here. People who use My Pokecard to design a card for a Pokemon evolved creature will also have the chance to add a picture of their evolution. Pokémon is considered a registered trademark of


, so any cards designed with this service are not considered authentic, and are just for fun, meaning they can’t be sold or given away in any official capacity. Plesse note any photo uploaded to My Pokecard must be in a .jpeg format, and must be cropped and resized to fit within the card window without the picture being distorted.

How to print or share a card designed on My Pokecard

Once a card is designed, people will have the chance to save it as a .jpeg, and then upload it to any printing service or print it out on regular paper and glue the design to a real Pokemon card. Designed Pokemon cards will also be available in the online gallery. By default, any cards made with My Pokecard are set to private, meaning nobody else can see them. But by choosing public, the cards will be shown in a public galley online for everyone to see (this section will only appear if the image stats on a card are changed from the default).

To contact the designer of My Pokecard

  • Email pokemaster@mypokecard.com

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www.epayhelpme.com – Access ePay Help Me Support Center

ePay Help Me

  • Get help from the ePay support team with the ePay Help Me link
  • ePay processes point of sale


    for items like phone cards and gift cards all across the world
  • Once a customer uses the ePay help me site, their question will be sent directly to ePay support, where the support team will give the customer a call or e-mail usually within 48 hours

Any customer who has purchased a product handled through ePay or any business that deals with ePay to help sell products can use the ePay support link. The ePay Help Me service is set up for people who use the ePay service to contact ePay support with a question regarding an account, a prepaid wireless card, handset leasing, or an international top up card. ePay also has a fully developed settlement and finance reporting service for the companies that choose to use their services, just to help make things a little easier.


using the Help Me part of ePay’s service will need to enter their e-mail address along with their first and last name. There will be a section to add any supporting documents or files to help get your question answered, but it’s not necessary to do this to ask a question. Once that information is filled in, there’s a space to send a question to ePay support.

More Things to Know About ePay

ePay (a division of Euronet Worldwide) is a global company that has their headquarters located in Leawood, Kansas. They are one of the biggest prepaid product processors in the world, with different offices in 17 countries around the globe. Nearly 700,000 point of  points of sale locations are serviced through ePay in countries like Brazil, India, Italy, New Zealand, France, Australia, Romania, Russia, Germany, Turkey, UAE, Greece, Poland, Spain, the UK and the United States.

To contact ePay headquarters

  • 3500 College Boulevard, Leawood, KS 66211
  • 1-800-983-9385

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www.hgvclubprogram.com – Access Club Hilton Grand Vacations

HGV Club Program

  • The


    Garden Vacation Club program is set up for people who are enrolled in the program to either make a new booking, find their points value, and learn about all the different perks that come with being signed up for the program
  • There are currently right at 250,000 Hilton Garden Vacation Club


    signed up for the vacation sharing program
  • Different Hilton Vacation properties have different point values assigned to them, and the values also change depending on the time of year and what level of accommodation is chosen

Through the Hilton Garden Vacation Club online service, users can see all available properties they can book a rental at, almost 60 different properties around the world. Customers can see the different amenities that each property has, find what dates are open to new bookings, and even see what resorts are near airports. One of the best features of the Hilton Garden Club online though, is seeing the different point values of each property, letting guests see where their points will go the longest. Points will be added for new stays within 24 hours of check out at a new property. Any member who is a part of the Hilton Vacation Garden Club will have an online account they have access to.

What happens if someone wants to sell their Hilton Vacation Club rental?

To make sure that guests get the most from their agreement, if they choose to sell their account, they must first submit it to Hilton. Hilton always has the right of first refusal, meaning they can pay at least the amount the contract was originally contracted for. If Hilton declines the opportunity, the owner can then sell it to another party.

To contact Hilton Garden Vacation Club:

  • Write to Club Member Services, 6355 MetroWest Boulevard, Suite 180, Orlando, FL 32835

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www.americanairlines.com/checkin – Access Flight Check In Services With AA

American Airlines Check In

  • The

    American Airlines

    check in site is set up for travelers who are flying on American Airlines to check in to their flight conveniently from home
  • Online American


    check in starts 24 hours before a flight takes off and ends 45 minutes before a flight departs (or 90 minutes before an international flight departs)
  • The heck in process is pretty straight forward and can be completed in less than 2 minutes in many cases

Once a customer checks in to their American Airlines flight online, they will receive their boarding pass. At that point, they need to go straight to security once they arrive at their airport (there’s no need to check in again at the actual airport). When customers do have their American Airlines boarding pass they received from online check in, they just scan the bar code printed on their boarding pass any any security checkpoint and at the actual gate where their flight leaves. please note in order to check in to an American flight online, customers just need to enter their first and last name as its printed on their ticket, along with their record locator number (or their confirmation number).

How to get a mobile boarding pass from American Airlines

Travelers who want to get their boarding pass on their cell phone can click the “Email with Mobile Option” link through the online check in portal, or find their boarding pass through the American Airlines app. When showing the American Airlines bar code at the airport, the whole bar code needs to be visible. A mobile boarding pass can be used at almost any airport (although it is recommended to check to be sure). This information is listed under “airport details” on the American Airlines web site.

To contact a representative of American Airlines about flight check in

  • 800-433-7300

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www.integratecapital.com – Loan for Equipment Financing or Working Capital

Integrate Capital

  • The Integrate Capital Service is set up for businesses to get the capital they need to operate their business, or people who have a new business idea to get off the ground
  • Loans are not guaranteed
  • Loans cannot be used to pay off debt
  • Starting the process of getting a loan from Integrate is easy, and just finding out more information won’t affect a person’s credit profile

If people need new equipment for their business and they need a loan, there are plenty of times they just don’t have time to wait. That’s where Integrate comes in – just fill out the application and a representative from Integrate Capital will be in touch. Integrate Capital is not a

credit card

, but is a business loan. When people fill out their application, they’re just applying for a loan to run their business or to begin a new business, so if people don’t want to sign up for a new credit card, there’s no issue here. Funds from Integrate Capital can only be used for business reasons, so there’s no danger of running up a huge

line of credit

. The actual Integrate card that someone receives in the mail can’t be used to make any purchases, so it doesn’t need to be saved (for people interested in a loan). Please note once people submit an application to Capital, they should expect to hear back from a representative within 1 to 2 business days (to make sure people get the money they need as fast as they can).

What happens to people with a Integrate pre-approval card?

People who have received a pre-approval card from Integrate Capital can log on to get their application started by entering the 16 digit number that appears on their card. Once that’s entered, Integrate will ask a few personal financial questions that will help move the application process along.

To contact Integrate Capital

  • Call 866-306-2785

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