www.homedepotrebates.com/prepaid – Home Depot Rebate Center

Home Depot Rebate Center

  • With the Home Depot Rebate Center, customers who have purchased an item that comes with a rebate can begin the process of filing their rebate or check the status of a Home Depot rebate they have filed
  • To get started with a Home Depot rebate, customers will need to select the category of their rebate, like appliances, heating and cooling, lawn and garden, or paint, and enter the date of their purchaseAtlanta Store Support Center in Cobb County, Georgia, in Greater Atlanta
  • To track the status of a Home Depot rebate, visit the “Track My Status” portion of the Home Depot Rebate website, or call 1.866.451.1357

Home Depot

rebate promotions

are carefully planned around certain times, so if a product is purchased outside of the set window, or a rebate isn’t submitted by the appropriate deadline, the customer won’t be eligible to receive the gift card. Customers will need their original receipt to submit a Home Depot rebate, but even if that receipt is lost, a Home Depot store can usually reprint it, especially if the customer knows the date of purchase. If a customer receives a Home Depot rebate with an incorrect amount, they will need to contact their service provider. It should take 6 to 8 weeks from date of purchase for a customer to receive their Home Depot gift card rebate.

What to Know About Home Depot

  • Opened their first store in 1978, and has over 2,200 stores today
  • Has their current headquarters located at the Atlanta Store Support Center, which is in Cobb County, Georgia, near Atlanta, Georgia
  • The largest home improvement retail chain in America, ahead of their main rival, Lowe’s

To contact Home Depot about a rebate submission:

  • Call 1 866 451 1357
  • Use the online web chat on the Home Depot rebate web site
  • E-mail Home Depot through their web site

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www.vzw.com/digitalrebatecenter – Claim Verizon Wireless Rebate Online

VZW Digital Rebate Center

  • Enter claim information via the Verizon Wireless promotional Center to obtain a valuable rebate
  • In order to start the process the customers will need the Promo Code provided at time of VZW product purchase to start the rebate redemption process
  • Be sure to review the promotional details prior to submission as any incorrect information could result in a delay

The VZW Digital Rebate Center requires the customer to provide their contact information, shipping or billing information, bar codes (UPC) and Verizon Wireless order information in order to claim their rebate.  The VW promotional center also allows the customer to upload copies of the VZW receipt and bar codes (UPC) to complete the process (if needed, not all rebate offers will require this).  All rebates associated with the VZW Digital Rebate Center will come in the form of a prepaid debit card with a preloaded amount of funds (please note this is not a credit card and once the funds have been used it will become worthless).

VZW Digital Rebate Center Comments

  • The receipt must show the

    Verizon Wireless product

    equipment price and the model purchased
  • Proof of purchase can be confirmed through the bars codes labeled UPC, MEID, or IMEI
  • Please allow up to 24 hours for the rebate status to appear online
  • Most rebates submitted via the VZW Digital Rebate Center must be submitted within 30 days
  • Only one rebate is allowed to be submitted at one time
  • If the rebate offer has expired there is no way for the customer to still claim the rebate
  • VZW rebates are allowed to be submitted online or via US Mail BUT not over the phone
  • Allow up to 4 weeks for the rebate to be processed (in many cases the Verizon customer will receive their rebate in under 3 weeks)
  • Once the rebate has been submitted the customer will receive confirmation via email

Redeeming a rebate associated with a Verizon Wireless authorized dealer requires the customer to provide the store name, date of sale, and the Verizon Wireless device that was purchased (to include the make and model).  Any questions about the VZW Digital Rebate Center can be directed to 844-408-8471.  Please do not send a VZW rebate with a monthly bill as the Verizon Billing department is not equipped to handle rebate processing.

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www.rewardsbymail.com – Track Your Rebates Online

Rewards By Mail

  • Customers can use the RewardsByMail service to track the status of a product rebate they have filed
  • When customers use this popular rebate service they can manage all rebates at once, and see the date that these rebates will be paid out
  • To track a rebate from RewardsByMail customers will need to enter their last name, their address number, and their ZIP code that was used to file the claim

Customers who use Rewards By Mail for a rebate claim will see all the rebates they have filed listed in chronological order, with the most recent rebate being listed at the top. The date that the rebate was filed will be show, along with the rebate status. Once customers log on to track the status of a rebate request from Rewards By Mail, they will see one of three categories: in process, mailed, or ineligible claim.

Rebates from Rewards By Mail are considered as an incentive for making a certain purchase, and cannot be redeemed outside of the redemption period listed. Once a rebate has been properly filed, Rewards By Mail should send that rebate out within 6 to 8 weeks of the submission date. Customers who do not receive their rebate within this time frame (as long as the rebate status shows “mailed”) are asked to e-mail privacy@pfcfulfills.com with their rebate details.

Rewards By Mail handles

rebate offers

for many companies, like Bosch, T-Fal, Skol, Advance, and more.

To contact Rewards By Mail

  • Write to “Promotion Fulfillment Center,” PO Box 2955 Clinton, IA 52733-2955
  • Send a fax to (563) 259-0110
  • E-mail privacy@pfcfulfills.com

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www.rewards.mypet.com – My Pet Rewards $50 Cash Back

Rewards My Pet

  • Obtain more information about the popular MyPet Rewards Program designed for pet lovers
  • Those who are new to the program will need a valid email address in which they have access to in order to register
  • Popular pet brands BRAVECTO, Activyl, and Tri-Heart Plus are all a part of the Rewards My Pet program

Program reward members are only allowed to upload one attachment per submission regardless of how many pets they own and the invoice may be  multiple pages in length.  It is highly recommended that the member submits the reward via electronically as electronically uploaded submissions process about twice as fast as a mailed invoice and are not as bothersome to file (customers will also save on the cost of a stamp 🙂 ).

Rewards My Pet Comments

  • Please allow up to 6 weeks for the rebate to arrive via US Mail
  • A confirmation email will be sent once the member has submitted the rebate application
  • Merck Animal Health reserves the right to change or withdraw the program at any time
  • MyPet Rewards members will only have 120 days (aka about 4 months to use the rebate before it becomes void)
  • Please include the rewards code when mailing in a detailed invoice
  • Anyone who would like to opt out of this popular Pet rewards program should dial 1-844-697-3840

Which home delivery


providers are eligible for the My Pet rewards program?  As listed under the terms of the program… Henry Schein, MWI PROXY, MyVet Direct, Patterson Veterinary Supply, VetsFirstChoice/Direct, Vet Marketing, VetStreet, and Vet Source.

Real pet lovers should consider signing up for the MyPet Newsletter as it offers pet parenting tips directly to the members email inbox.  Any questions in relation to the Rewards My Pet Program can be directed to rewards@bbmail.mypet.com or 1-844-MYPET-40 (1-844-697-3840).  For general questions about MyPet.com please dial 1-800-224-5318 between the hours of 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST.

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www.youshoponlinewepay.com – Shop Online Today

You Shop Online We Pay

  • The You Shop Online We Pay website is a part of Shop.com, a website dedicated to letting shoppers compare prices for the items they’re looking for, and rewards shoppers with points on all their purchases
  • Shop.com goes beyond simply comparing prices though, and offers buying guides to help shoppers make informed decisions about the things they buy
  • Market America, the corporation behind Shop.com, has over 50 million products available through their various online services

Comparison (such as You Shop Online We Pay) shopping sites are incredibly popular for travel, including airfare and hotels, but now Shop.com is bringing that setup to shopping for other items like clothing, shoes, beauty, electronics, and nutrition. Shop.com helps customers search for the best deals online, and then gives the customer a certain percentage of cash back. So not only is the customer saving money in the first place, but they save even more money when they get cash back.

In addition to helping customers find the best prices from other retailers, Shop.com offers “Hot Deals” that offer even more cash back. Recent Hot Deals from Shop.com included deals like 12% cash back on an Entertainment coupon book, 15% cash back on ink cartridges, 2% cash back from Car Rentals.com and more.

Almost all purchases on Shop.com can be returned as long as it’s within a 30 day window from the date of purchase.

More about Shop.com

Shop.com was founded in 1992, and specializes in one to one marketing. Market America serves over 3 million customers each year, and has generated almost $4 billion in revenue. Market America brands make up some of the largest online retailers around the world.

To contact Shop.com

  • customerservice@shop.com
  • 1-866-420-1709

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